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      Running Sunday with Theodoros

      Running is a journey from courage at the beginning of the race to true self-confidence at the finish line.

      Do not postpone these emotions for later!

      Each of us started to run or even walk from small distances, and now our team members can easily overcome the marathon distance … it’s 42.2 km, just imagine 42.2 km!

      So . If you still have doubts, we look forward to seeing you every Sunday with Theodoros

      If you are an experienced runner, come and share your achievements!

      Our workouts with trainer Asya Bardis include:

      -workout -SBV – special running exercises

      -cross ~ 60 min

      -ZFP – general physical training


      We are working to strengthen the musculoskeletal system, ligaments and tendons, improve coordination, joint mobility and other useful exercises that are important not only for running but also for overall health

      Every Sunday we run with the Theodoros team 9:00 Gorky Park

      You want to “put” the technique of running or improve your score? Come to training, or  067-540-18-10

      We will conquer new marathons together

      (Русский) Истории наших одноклубников. Влад Сокол

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      Fitness boxing


      Fitness boxing

      When training men and women, it is necessary to take into account physiological differences and differences in goals and results achieved!

      The club has developed a special training program that helps women stay fragile, gentle and at the same time be strong and enduring – this is fitness boxing. If this is your direction – fitness boxing guru Anya will help you find your way!

      Group trainings in Fitness Boxing are a complex of 3 different trainings:

      1. Functional training

      2. Strength training with an emphasis on the thighs and buttocks 3. Boxing-practicing boxing techniques for general physical training and relaxation.

      Training duration – 1 hour Schedule of group training in fitness boxing

      Mon Wed Friday 11:00, 18:30 Coach Anya Yenina

      (Русский) Истории наших одноклубников

      Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian and Ukrainian.