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      Why the club is called Theodoros?

      Over the centuries, the influence of many cultures has shaped our spiritual heritage, changed the customs of our modern state. The most interesting thing is to solve the riddle of the appearance of the name.
      The surname Fedchenko was formed from the diminutive form of one of two related canonical names – Theodore or Theodot. These names came to Orthodox saints from Ancient Greece.
      Fedya is a short form of the baptismal male name Theodore, which is derived from the ancient Greek Theodoros – “gift of the gods.” In the XVI-XVII centuries. it was one of the most common Slavic names and was second only to Ivan and Vasily in frequency. In everyday pronunciation, the complex combination of vowels “eo” disappeared and then we began to use a simplified version of the name.

      That’s how sometimes, simple things – conceal a hidden secret
      It’s nice that many have guessed the secret of the club’s name

      Back 18.02.2021