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      Мain styles in boxing

      Today, boxing is a sport that is honorable and prestigious!

      There are several key boxing styles that are definitely worth learning about.

      Outfighter style is especially common in weight categories above average, where athletes are tall and have long arms. An outfighter is characterized by a long-distance fight, he is technical and fast, easy to move, not letting the opponent. The main tool of an outfighter is a jab with a far hand, the right one strengthens the defense and punches only one hundred percent blows. Bright examples in this style are Roy Jones and Mohammed Ali.

      Boxer puncher – a style of medium distance, it is not as mobile as an outfighter, but no less accurate and technical. The peculiarity of such a boxer is exceptional physical strength and endurance, because his goal is to knock out the opponent as soon as possible. To do this, the puncher boxer works with stable combinations and strong single blows. An example of this style is Mike Tyson (in his youth) and Sugar Ray.

      Infighter – usually low mobile boxers with not very long arms. The task is to get closer to the opponent as soon as possible and stun him with a hail of technical combinations. Infiters are mobile and enduring, due to their short stature they often “dive” under the blows of the enemy to get closer. Withstand strong attacks, have sharp explosive combinations. Examples are Alexander Povetkin and the legendary Joe Fraser.

      Slugger – the main attacks are performed by hooks and uppercuts. This style is often adopted by boxers of respectable age with extensive experience but who do not have enough speed to beat younger opponents. They never attack thoughtlessly, despite their low mobility, exceptional strength, endurance. Examples are George Foreman (at the end of his career) and Rocky Marciano.

      Counterpuncher is a technical style that offers dynamic fights.
      The counterpuncher is enduring, the technique, speed and reflexes of such a boxer are at the highest level, it is difficult to defeat. The brightest representatives of this style are Floyd Mayweather and Chris Byrd.

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