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      Сhildren’s boxing

      In our age of information technology, it is so important to pay attention to the physical education of children.

      Most of their time, they spend on the computer and other gadgets that have already become an integral part of their lives.

      In addition, the diet is rich in fast carbohydrates, the excess of which leads to obesity, vascular disease and malaise. All these side effects of modern reality are overcome in one way – SPORT.

      Unwanted excess carbohydrates are burned during exercise, prolonged sitting at the computer is replaced by sports – this allows the body to be healthy and less vulnerable to disease.

      So, we remind you that children’s boxing groups have been working in full mode since August 16:

      ▫️Pn.Wed.Fri – 17.00; 18.00

      ▫️Wed.Thurs – 18.00

      ▫️Sat – 13.00

      The formation of groups is carried out by the coach – Yaroslav Sytin

      Currently, our athletes are in the camp, where recreation is combined with boxing training, swimming, active games and communication.

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