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      Why “Professor”?

      On May 17, 2008, in his native Kharkov, Sergei won his first title – the IBF intercontinental world champion in a bright duel with the representative of Uganda – Peter Simo.
      The President of the National League of Professional Boxing Mikhail Mikhailovich Zavyalov called Sergei’s work in the ring “professorial” and from that moment on Sergei was assigned the honorary prefix “Professor”.

      A thoughtful approach to assessing events, a tendency to analyze situations, dedication and a habit of not making hasty decisions have always characterized Sergei.
      This manifests itself in everyday life and, of course, in sports.
      His meeting with an opponent in the ring was preceded by hard work on preparing the fight with Viktor Demchenko: reviewing key fights, modeling possible scenarios of the opponent’s behavior, studying his strengths and weaknesses, selecting candidates for sparring.
      And, as a result, the ability to build your own battle strategy, to impose it on the enemy.
      Why not a professorial approach to business?
      Therefore, for those who knew Sergei Fedchenko well, the words of the President of the National League of Professional Boxing Mikhail Zavyalov about Sergei’s professorial behavior in the fight for the belt of the intercontinental champion hit the bull’s eye.

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