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      “We set ourselves an important task: every our visitor, whoever he is, man, woman or child, should have the opportunity to develop physically and spiritually. And the club will create comfortable conditions for the implementation of this task "

      Sergiy Fedchenko

      Theodoros Boxing Club Director
      About chempion

      Types of training


      Speed, efficiency, calculation, dynamics, reaction, energy, beauty - all this is boxing - one of the most respected and spectacular sports. Boxing embodies physical strength and harmony, and requires an athlete sober mind and cold calculation.

      In addition to the fact that boxing is an excellent form of physical activity, training provides high-quality emotional relaxation and allows you to feel confident in your abilities.

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      Functional training

      Functional training - involves very high-intensity cardio complexes, or hybrid training for intensive work in a mixed mode (cardio / strength) with maximum power. The main task of the athlete is to complete the workout of the day for a certain or minimum time, while minimizing rest between sets (up to 1-3 minutes) or not resting at all. The gym is fully equipped for Functional training sessions:

      1. Gymnastic equipment: gymnastic rings, gymnastic bars, treadmill, parallel bars, push-up racks. 2. Weightlifting equipment: bars, pancakes, weightlifting floor. 3. Kettlebell lifting: kettlebells of various weights. 4. Ropes. 5. Stands for jumping.

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      Fitness boxing

      Fitness boxing is a popular form of fitness, an excellent type of exercise and a certain emotional attitude. Sergey Fedchenko, for the members of the Theodoros club, has drawn up a new training system in this direction. It is based on the performance of boxing techniques, elements of aerobics, strength exercises and stretching. Sergey, like no one else, knows what is necessary for full physical development. That is why the new training system includes the optimal and necessary elements.

      A fitness box, built on the basis of the basic exercises of professional boxing training, does not provide for sparring, therefore it is safe and accessible to absolutely everyone.

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      Children's activities

      Boxing for children is not only the ability to defend oneself and gain excellent physical fitness, but also the all-round development of the child.

      Our children's boxing section offers one-to-one and mini-group lessons. What can children's boxing give?

      • - Self confidence
      • - Independence
      • - Great responsibility
      • - Discipline
      • - Physical strength and endurance
      • - Development of creative thinking
      • - Sociability
      • - Ability to stand up for yourself in a dangerous situation.

      The duration of one workout is 1 hour.

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      Why us

      • fitness bar
      • personal trainer
      • Comfortable conditions
      • Family environment

      About Us

      «Theodoros» - a club for modern people. For those who have tried different programs in fitness clubs, but did not get the desired result. For those who lack sports passion and competitive spirit. For those who are tired of lifting severity and boredom from visiting a regular gym. Our club is for those who want to look good, be strong, athletic and confident.

      Club "Theodoros" is a place with a special atmosphere: you will be surrounded by positive-minded and close-minded people. This is not the place to go to tick off. Here, you will have a great time, get tired, sweat, communicate, solve your sports and life tasks ... And we will do everything so that when you leave after one training session, you are looking forward to the next.

      Наша команда

      Sergey Fedchenko





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