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      “We set ourselves an important task: every our visitor, whoever he is, man, woman or child, should have the opportunity to develop physically and spiritually. And the club will create comfortable conditions for the implementation of this task "

      Sergiy Fedchenko

      Theodoros Boxing Club Director
      About chempion

      Бокс для всех!

      Teodoros boxing club – это история личных побед над самим собой. Это не история спорта, это история личности в бизнесе и жизни. Приобретая навыки бокса, ты получишь безграничные возможности в самореализации, добьешься успеха в жизни, карьере и бизнесе. Ты поймешь, что страх – это всего лишь чувство, а не ты сам. Ты научишься владеть собой в стрессовых ситуациях, научишься управлять ими.

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      Делаем людей сильнее, увереннее в себе и ближе к своей цели! Профессиональный тренерский состав, дружная атмосфера, комфортные условия – идеальное сочетание для достижения всех спортивных задач! Основная цель нашего клуба привить любовь к спорту и здоровому образу жизни! Занятия проходят индивидуально, в мини-группах, группах.


      Fitness boxing

      Fitness boxing is a popular type of fitness, an excellent type of exercise and a certain emotional mood. Based on the implementation of boxing techniques, aerobics, strength exercises and stretching. That is why, the optimal and necessary elements have been included in the new training system.

      Group fitness boxing classes are a complex of 3 different workouts:

      • Functional training
      • Strength training with a focus on the thighs and buttocks
      • Boxing - boxing techniques are used for general physical fitness and relaxation

      The trick is that you do 3 different workouts a week!

      Training duration - 1 hour
      Fitness boxing group training schedule Mon Wed Fri 11:00 18:30
      Coach Anya Enina

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      Boxing is a sport that trains endurance and perseverance! And this sport also teaches you to think quickly: if you can react quickly, calculate the situation, see all possible outcomes of events, you will win. These qualities help to be a winner not only in the ring, but in all other areas of life.

      In addition, boxing is an excellent form of physical activity, training gives high-quality emotional release and allows you to feel confident in your abilities.

      A feature of training at Theodoros is a team of professionals, all coaches with a great sports background or current boxers, certified trainers with 7 years of experience, graduates of the Academy of Physical Culture and Sports.

      The duration of one training session is 1 hour.
      Boxing group training schedule
      Mon Wed Fri 20:00 coach Yaroslav Sytin
      Tue Thu Sat 8:00 coach Maxim Kots

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      Children's activities

      Boxing for children is not only physical training and the ability to protect oneself, but also the comprehensive development of the child. For children from 5 to 8 years old, mini-groups have been created: the work is built in a playful way with the basics of boxing technique and functional training. We prepare children for competitions from the age of 9. The club team is an active participant of city and all-Ukrainian tournaments.

      Boxing for kids in Theodoros:

      • Builds character and has a positive effect on the psyche.
      • Develops endurance, willpower, the desire to win, perseverance.
      • Disciplines, teaches to restrain emotions.
      • It is a good workout for the cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems.
      • All muscle groups take part in training, which has a positive effect on the physical development of the body.
      • Boxing requires the ability to make quick decisions. The speed of thinking, the ability to calculate the situation develops.

      Our children's boxing section conducts individual classes, classes in groups and in mini-groups.
      The duration of one training session is 1 hour.

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      Group training

      A feature of group training is work in pairs, here the experience of a duel is gained and additional motivation is created to engage even more productively. Groups up to 10 people. Once a week there is a combat practice for those who want to test their strength. Schedule

      Price from 150 UAH

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      Mini group

      is exclusive personal training under the guidance of a trainer for up to 4 people. Classes in these groups allow you to study in the morning and afternoon hours or late in the evening, here we combine an individual approach and work in pairs. This is the perfect middle ground between individual and group training.

      Price from 250 UAH

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      Individual training

      A personal boxing trainer will help an athlete effectively prepare for the intended goals of any complexity. For those who are taking their first steps in boxing, we will help you choose the best option for mastering the skills. The trainer will adjust the intensity of training taking into account your level of training, personal characteristics of the body and medical indications, as well as your time preferences for training.

      Price from 450 UAH

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      Why us

      • fitness bar
      • personal trainer
      • Comfortable conditions
      • Family environment

      About us

      Club "Theodoros" is a place with a special atmosphere: Here, you will be surrounded by positive-minded and congenial people, you will have a great time, get tired, sweat, communicate, solve your sports and life tasks... And we will do our best to leave you after one training session and look forward to the next one.

      Наша команда

      Sergey Fedchenko





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