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      7 years

      7 years ago we created a place of like-minded people and connoisseurs of real boxing, a place of friendship and sports, a place of development and new achievements, a place of meetings and communication, a place where everyone gets better every day! Today we want to say words of gratitude to all of you who became members of our not only sports club, but also the club of friends.

      Every day we work to ensure comfort and a pleasant atmosphere in the hall. But today we understand 100% that we work for a whole team of like-minded people and our friends, who were won during the seven years of the club’s existence! We want to share with the whole world the greetings sent to us by our Friends! You inspire us – for these moments it is worth working day and night!

      We are one big family, the Theodoros family! 
      Thank you for choosing us! 
      Serhiy Fedchenko and Theodoros team
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