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      How does the practical experience of entering the boxing ring help in coaching career?

      Any experience is a combination of all knowledge, skills and abilities acquired throughout life. So, a boxer who boxed in a professional ring has gained invaluable experience and only such a trainer can share real fighting skills.

      Theodoros employs boxers who have directly participated in boxing fights. They believe that only a boxer boxing in the ring has the right to teach boxing to others.

      Sergey Fedchenko:

      “The most important experience gained in boxing is the feelings that you experience in the professional ring. Understanding the nature of these sensations, it is easier to tune the athlete psychologically, to find the right words – where to calm down, where to provoke. I would also like to note that there is a certain feature of a good trainer: as a rule, the best trainer is not the most successful boxer, but these people are invaluable as professionals. They got their hands-on experience in the ring and make others stars, they have a talent for educating and preparing the best. “


      “In a war, the commander who knows how to fight himself is in command. You can only know what to do if you yourself were there. So it is in boxing – it is impossible to build a battle strategy without knowing when to defend, when to attack, and when to retreat. When boxing in the ring, you know that the power of the punch does not always have to be maximum – sometimes you should save your strength, and sometimes strain and put all the maximum in one punch. Another strong side of the practice is an understanding of the psychology of a boxer: not always a person at a crucial moment can cope with anxiety and this is the part of knowledge that is gained during a real fight between opponents. These are the secrets you share with your charges. “


      “My practical experience in sports makes it possible to assess the extent to which certain exercises give results. Years of training and preparation for battle have shown what exactly brings the maximum benefit and what is ineffective in the process of skill formation.

      Only after perfecting your technique, you can go to the next level – the use of logic in the process of fighting. Techniques and combinations are automatically built into the winning strategy. This is where the result lies.

      In general, my work allows me to determine what works better and what is questionable. The specifics of the case! “

      Svyatoslav was very categorical in his statements:

      “It’s impossible to practice a technique without practice. Only a boxer can be a boxing trainer, and only one who has experience of fighting in the ring can be called a boxer! “

      So, after asking our coaches how a boxer’s career helps them in coaching, we came to a consensus – only a boxer with practical experience can be a boxing coach!

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